Family Holiday to Bali (3)

Just like the day before, we didn’t know where to go. Luckily, husband found a unique place named Bali Pulina, a place located in Tegalalang-Gianyar, a bit far from our hotel. Bali Pulina is a coffee plantation famous with its Kopi Luwak. In this place, they offered us an experience to see the luwak and the production process.

The entrance fee is IDR 100,000 or around 10 dollars per pax , and that’s including a cup of Kopi Luwak and a plate of fried banana. We were guided by experienced guide who was really warm and knowledgeable in explaining every details of the plantation.

Kopi luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee. The main factor of it’s high price is the uncommon method of production. It’s produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by a certain Indonesian cat-like animal called palm civet. This is the reason kopi luwak is also called cat poop coffee or civet cat coffee 😅.

We started the tour in the civet cat’s cage, i saw how the luwak choosed the ripe coffee. When i tried to feed them with the raw one, they just took it, had a few tasting bites, then spat it out. Beside the cage, there was a chocolate plantation. The tour guide gave me one ripe chocolate fruit. it tasted like mangoestan.

Then we walked to traditional house that designed as production house of Kopi Luwak. The workers separated the coffee beans from the feces, wash it and then dry it under the sun. Once the beans were dry enough, they removed the outer skin. They put the coffee beans into a wooden mortar and pounded with a pestle. The beans were not affected by the pounding, but the skin broke apart, making the coffee beans easily be removed. In the next step, the beans were hand-sorted to remove any damaged beans. Then the kopi luwak beans were ready for roasting.

A short walk from production house, we arrived in the tasting area. The guide mentioned that Bali Pulina was not only produced kopi luwak, but also Chocolate, Ginger Coffeee, etc (see the picture below). We can try all of their products while taking in a breathtaking view of the valley and the world famous terraced paddy fields.

On our way toward exit, there were the gift shop that allowed visitors to purchase, coffee, chocolate, tea and many more. You can see there who the shopaholic was.

This was a short visit, about an hour but super worth it. As usual, pictures credit are going to hubby.


5 Must Have Applications for me! 

Recently, one of the bloggers groups I have joined with gave a challenge to write an article about five must-have applications in your smartphone. It’s kinda unique challenge and made me a bit confused to choose 😅.

After a long discussion with my inner self, i finally made up my mind, and here are the list:

  1. Whatsapp, almost all of my friend have it. From informal chit-chat to business matters, I can do it here. Eventhough lately whatsapp often has slow response, I still use it. As a backup plan, i already download telegram. It’s like whatsapp, but it’s running faster and have simple design as well. For now, atleast.
  2. Instagram, as i love to capture pictures, Instagram  helps me to “freeze” moments and collect memories. Most importantly, nowadays so many celebrities are using this application. It feels so much fun when you walk from one account to another, just for looking for what’s the new trend in fashion/cook/life style or whatever you like.
  3. WordPress, since i decided to be a blogger and promised to keep writing at least one article per week, this application became a must have item for me. This application really facilitates me,  so i can just focus on making the article. With this app on my mobile, I don’t need any laptop or pc anymore. Just write while I can and post it! 
  4. Watermark Pro, i always try to do my best in everything, so does in photography. So this is my effort to prevent any piracy. Eventhough some people said it is useless because photoshop can 100% remove your watermark. I just love to do it. Yeah, at least i’ve tried.
  5. Facebook, having a baby means you can’t hang out with your friends as often as before. You will have a “little-tail” who always follows your step. But thanks to Mark for creating this social application, I can still keep in touch with my friends and family, whenever i want, wherever I am! 

There you have it, five must-have apps for my phone (4/5 are social media application 😂👏🏻). Anyway, with or without them, don’t let your smartphone separates you from the real world, as The World is the most important application 🙂

How about yours?

One Fine Afternoon at The Kite Beach

Last Saturday husband and I were decided to visit Kite Beach in Dubai to attend one of iconic australian beach lifestyle brand’s event.

Together with progressive food concept, SALT, Billabong hosted Laid Back Saturday, a Sunset Beach Day event. The two brands, who share the same passion for the sun, surf, and sand, came together for an evening of maximum chilled out vibes.

The festivities kicked off from 4pm. Upon arrival, we were treated to a special showcase of Billabong’s newest Autumn/Winter’16 collections for men and women.

For the rest of the afternoon, fans of the brand were invited to test their balance and agility on a custom built Surf Simulator, snap polaroid selfies in front of a branded Billabong Airstream trailer, and enjoy chilled out tunes provided by Dubai’s very own Physical Graffiti, Vandalye and David Goliath Beats.

While I was busy with my face painting, husband and my baby also stroke a pose in giant inflatable GoFloats flamingos and swans.

It really was a great afternoon, relax in the lounge on the beach to enjoy the sunset beach with the cooler weather. Listening to some local live music and watching everyone enjoyin all the festivities that was provided by Billabong and surely I will come back again for delicious burger from SALT.

Family Holiday to Bali (2)

Since we became an expat in Abu Dhabi and living so far away from our home country, I don’t want my daughter becomes unfamiliar  with our culture and tradition.

That’s why in the last holiday I brought her to “Setia Darma House of Mask and Puppet” in Ubud, Bali. It was really a unique museum, consisting of five traditional houses (two of Javanese Joglo, another two of Javanese Limasan and one Balinese Pavilion) that were used as display rooms of their collections. It feels like you are at home while looking to the collection. Also, eventhough there was no air conditioner in the museum, the atmospere was so fresh because the museum was located in the middle of paddy field, with a river in front of the museum.

What’s really interesting was to learn that some masks have philosophical meaning. Take Barong mask, for example, it was a lion-like creature and a character in the mythology of Bali. It symbolized the spirits and leaders of the good. This mask also used in religious ceremonies as a tribute to the God.

The museum itself has a mission to preserve Indonesia’s most colourful heritage collection. With total collection over 1,000 masks and over 4,000 puppets from all over the Indonesian archipelago, as well as China, Korea, Africa, America and Europe. It really was a good place for family trip because it served as a great educational exhibits for young generation to love the cultural heritage better.

Well, eventhough my baby weren’t reading any texts in the signage let alone noticed of what she was seeing, her eyes was so busy screened room by room. The variety of forms and colors of the masks and puppets were really attracted for her. In my opinion, it’s a way to stimulate the development of her brain.

After finished the trip to the mueseum, we went to Gianyar for lunch, I already made an appointment with my friend who owned Dharma Giri Restaurant. We ordered seafood and Spicy Smoked Chicken, the taste was awesome! I wanted to order it again. hiks 😢.

After a not-so-long discussion, Ko Andy and Ci Jujun suggested us to visit Kanto Lampo waterfall. It was not widely known among tourists yet. We got lost for almost 15 minutes on our way there. Thanks God, we finally found the place after asking directions to the local people.

After we parked the car, we took the stairs leading down to the narrow river. I stepped down the stairs while carrying baby deira. I’ve never been to a waterfall as good as this one that was also easy to reach, only few steps down from the parking lot.

There were two waterfalls there, a bigger one with a lot of water rushing down, and the smaller one where you could take a shower. For those who love photography, this place is highly recommended to visit.

Visit my husband site in for more pictures from this trip.